About Us

Isfahan’s Medical and Industrial Gases Company started its activities in the year 2002 with the nickname of Isfahan Natural Gas and Gas Company. The policy of this complex was established to create a production unit to provide industrial gases (carbon dioxide) needed by some metal industries in the southwest of Isfahan. Over time, the company has expanded its activities in the field of diversification of production and geographically for the production of industrial gases (carbon dioxide), and has been able to provide services in a wide range of companies, institutions throughout Iran. This was for the managers of this cardiac array to develop an industrial plant for the production of anesthetic gas, which, after exploitation, in addition to providing industrial gases in the field of natural gas, also expanded its activities to the second Anesthesia gas production plant in Iran. It is now proud to be a small servant in the field of medicine and treatment.

Regarding the growing trend of this complex, the company was officially registered in the year 2005 under the name of Isfahan Medical and Industrial Gas Producers Company (private joint stock company), and after that, in 2006, it launched a second unit of carbon dioxide production and capacity Production increased more than three times.

 Isfahan’s Medical and Industrial Gas Producers Company has developed standard quality control laboratories and obtained the necessary permissions from the Standard Office. By setting up the R & D unit, it has taken steady steps to produce various medical and industrial gases.

 Isfahan Medical and Industrial Suppliers Company is one of the largest manufacturing plants of its kind in Iran and the region, which has a significant share in the production and supply of various medical and industrial gases in liquid and high purity gas for industrial and laboratory use. Different industries of casting, shipbuilding, machine building, beverage and medical centers. The complex has a standard license for the production of medical anesthetic gas and a certificate from ISO 9001-2008 from QEC, UK.

April 1, 2019